Aviatore - Foto di Francesco Rinaldi


Private viewing of precious and rare art objects from the finest Italian artisanal tradition on your yacht or in the hotel.

Coral pieces, Vietri’s elegant ceramics and all the beauty of the Neapolitan “Arte Presepiale” created by the most famous artists of the world as well as wonderful paintings, will fill your eyes with wonder and amazement.

The Neaopolitan area is a place characterised by strong traditions and an ancient know-how that is passed through generations over centuries.

Local artisan still resist the competion with mass production by production among the finest and detailed objects whether they are made out of coral, ceramic or a recreation of the nativity setting, the “Presepe”.

Naples is worldwide famous for its “Arte Presepiale” and here the best Presepi in the world are produced and showcased as a piece of art. They are often commissioned by private collectors that can showcase very unique masterpices in their houses.

You can meet on board of your yacht or in your hotel the most important master of ceramics and discuss with them about the creation of a bespoke object, that we can eventually ship to your home country, insured and stress-free.

Photo Credits:
© Francesco Rinaldi (Aviatore, Pulcivelato, Di Oscuri)
© Paola Tufo (Angelo)
© Sergio Siano (Cristo Velato Bronzo)