The coastline of Italy is from the air

The H Experience

Why having a dinner in a common restaurant or luxury hotel when you can enjoy the intimacy of a secret place exclusively open for you.

Have the unique experience to eat on a terrace overlooking the sea or a having a table among ancient ruins. Or simply have a private dinner in Taormina in places you can reach only via helicopter with a night stay in the President Suite. Relax in a private SPA and end your day with a charming walk and wine tasting in the shadow of Etna.

Holiday means holiday. So we facilitate our members to enjoy it stress-free by avoiding the turistic crowd that invades most of the summer destination during the season. 

Or simply you want to explore a destination but is too far from where you are. Therefor we offer a dedicated helicopter service that can pick you up from wherever you are, to reach exclusive locations hardly accessible for most of the people. 

You can have breakfast in Capri, lunch in Apulia and end your day overlooking a sunset in Sicily, just in one day without and at the highest level of comfort.