Slice of dream
Italian dessert selection

A Slice of Dream

Delight your senses with excellent food, both savoury and sweet. A gourmet selection of high Neapolitan patisserie will be served on your boat or directly into your room whenever you feel like… A typical Borbonical dinner is served in the evening, with the dishes and setting that were used during the Borbonic reign.

Food is an essential part of the italian culture and for this reason we offer dedicated experience to profoundly dive into this universe. From savoury dishes to the finest patissery you can have the pleasure to taste them all in the comfort of your yacht or villa.

We can also organise private catering for any kind of events, celebrations or simply for the pleasure of having all the best of our italian food tradition displayed on the same table.

Food is also radicated into our history. The Borbonic family used to host lavish banquets in their palaces, offering the best their territory could offer. You can now travel back in time and eat as they used to centuries ago to create a memory that will last for ever.